OpenCart 3.0 – What to Expect and What’s News

Latest OpenCart 3.0 - What to Expect and What’s News

Since the latest stable OpenCart version released on August, there’s no new OpenCart version is carried out. The good news is that the OpenCart team began working on the new release - OpenCart 3.0 and the alpha release is already accessible on GitHub.

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Latest OpenCart Version – What’s New?

Latest OpenCart Version - What’s New?

As you know, OpenCart is one of the most convenient and fastest way to build an eCommerce website in no time. The latest OpenCart version rolled out on  1st August, with lot of amazing improvements.

The most exciting improvement in OpenCart is the Exquisite Dashboard. When you click through the menus, you can see the differences. You can do more with it.

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Top 10 best selling multi-vendor extensions for OpenCart


If you have an idea to setup a multi-vendor website and choose OpenCart as your platform - as you know it’s open source, easy to set up, widely respected, and growing like wildfire, you still need use a multi-vendor extension. So, we have compiled a list of top 10 best-selling extensions that can help you running your eCommerce store with great user experience.

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How To Set Up Multi-Store OpenCart

OpenCart 2.3: How To Set Up Multi-Store

Most of the popular eCommerce frameworks available in the market provide the ability to offer multiple stores from within a single installation, and OpenCart is no different. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create a multi-store setup using a single installation of OpenCart. 

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Best-selling OpenCart eCommerce Themes Upgraded to OpenCart 2.3 - 40% OFF Purchasing

Hi Guys!

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that we completed to upgrade the best-selling OpenCart themes to OpenCart 2.3 included: MaxShop, ShoppyStore, Market and Furnicom. These themes are highly customizable with powerful theme options and drag & drop page builder, you can get an eCommerce store in no time. They are worthy of your choice.

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